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Fire on the Water

(Ranger Jackson Hart Book 2)

Sometimes to live for the future, you have to defeat the past . . .

For ten years, Tiffany Colson has struggled to reclaim her life, but it finally seems to be on track for a bright future. She has moved to a small cabin tucked deep in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. She’s surrounded by wilderness and solitude, and her job at a small resort as an outdoor guide has been the best therapy she could have asked for.

And she’s in love with the man who may just be the one—U.S. Park Ranger Jackson Hart. 

But there is a part of Tiffany’s past that still haunts her. It’s a story only a handful of people know. A story she keeps hidden away deep inside her soul.

Ten years ago, Tiffany Colson killed a man.

At least . . . she thought she did.

Now, all her hopes for the future are jeopardized by the ghost of a man she thought was dead and buried. As the tenth anniversary of his death approaches, frightening things are happening. Things that threaten Tiffany’s own sanity.

Soon, she will find that ghosts from her past are not just fleeting shadows moving through the halls of her mind.

They’re real . . .

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